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Prepared is Peace of MindTM

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Action, Preparation, and Faith!


What is Lighthouse Ready®?

Lighthouse Ready® was created in response to the idea that we must prepare for a disruption of services in order to care for our loved ones. The tsunami in Japan, large power grid outages in India, financial instability around the world, and other situations led to the understanding that preparation is crucial.

Localized disasters in the US such as Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, tornadoes in Joplin, MO, and other disasters showed the difficulty of living when basic services no longer function.

Those of us who have made our livings preparing for the unthinkable in emergency and disaster response believe that the next most probable terrorist event in America will be a multi-city event.  An event that most likely will be directed at our major cities and shipping ports.  An event that may take place in 2, 4, 6 or more cities simultaneously on the same day.  Additionally, our fragile technology and power infrastructures could also be a point of attack.  In short, we are concerned.

How Ready Are YOU?

What effect would that have on your family, your community, and our nation for the months to follow?  Armageddon? We don’t think so.  BUT, we can tell you it will be a REALLY BAD day for weeks and months to follow. And if you are “Zero Ready” for such a day, it may be one of the most challenging situations you have ever been through! But that does NOT have to be for you or your family!

Are You Prepared for Uncertain Times?

If the struggles moved beyond regional to a National Challenge, preparation will be essential. Our focus is to provide a step by step path and education for individuals, families, extended families, and organizations to prepare for such an event using our Ready Now! Preparedness Workshops.

Lighthouse Ready® is developing a network of prepared organizations to be ready to serve others during troubled times. Please visit more of our site to learn how you can prepare and then become a member of our Lighthouse Ready® Network.

We Are Certainly Living in Troubled Times….

“But Our Goal Is to Be Candle Lighters, Not
Darkness Fighters!”
Darrell Scott


Prepare and Then Live
Life to the Fullest!



Are You


OUR MISSION: To Equip and Enable Families and Communities to Transform Their Crisis Concerns into Concrete Steps of
Action, Preparation, & Faith




Faith Is the Belief that Propels Us Forward.

It is the foundation for life in general…. but it’s absolutely necessary during challenging times. It is the difference between being a victim or an overcomer during troubling times.

People of faith believe that a Higher Power is with them and that they can overcome impossible odds. Lighthouse Ready® was created to help people prepare, connect, and serve during such unprecedented times.

We believe that  Faith-Based organizations are the historical cornerstone of society and will be the central point of contact and meeting basic needs during a difficult times and will become the “civil defense shelters” that each community had in the past.

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People of Faith must first prepare themselves and be prepared to serve others in a time of need.

• Lighthouse Ready is creating a Network of like-minded organizations.

• The Network’s goal is to encourage, exchange ideas, prepare, and be ready to serve their congregations and communities during a time of Regional or National Crisis.

 “The LORD is my strength and my shield; My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped.…” Proverbs 28:7 (NASB)